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What Was On My Playlist This Week? Holly Williams + A Few More

Sep 21, 2013

Long time no see or post folks! Yep, my blog has taken a back seat lately. Everything has just been a-movin’ and a-shakin’ round here and my hands have been tied with tons of fun projects and life in general. I briefly mentioned on my last post about sharing some of my personal music playlist favorites. Music is such a huge source of inspiration for me and I believe good music should be shared, so today I wanted to do just that…

I’ve recently been introduced to the soulful Americana music by the talented Holly Williams. Yes, she’s the granddaughter of the late Hank Williams Senior and daughter of Hank Williams Junior. Her recent album, The Highway, was released in February this year, but I just recently downloaded it and… can. not. stop. listening to it. Every song on this album makes you feel something and literally lean with Holly on every verse. This music is what I call REAL country music. Lately, with all the constructive chatter about country music’s “gettin’ drunk, big trucks, daisy dukes” stereotypical shallow lyrics (read more here), I’ve been yearning for something more from our country music industry and I believe I’ve found it with Holly. She sways more on the Folk and Americana side than the Country side. It’s true, I’ve mostly listened to the general Country top 40, but Holly has sparked my interest into the Americana/ Folk music world.


Mrs. Williams is a notable Nashvillian who is not only sharing your voice with Nashville but also her sense of style. She owns a high-end boutique, H. Aubrey, located in the heart of The Hill Center in Green Hills. From great style, a soothing voice to some impeccable songwriting skills, Holly Williams is the total package. 

I highlighted some of my favorite verses from her song titled, “Drinkin’” in the graphic above. Go ahead and listen to it in her music video underneath and feel free to comment below with your thoughts. 

What are some other songs I have on my playlist these past few weeks? I’ve listed a handful below but in no particular order. Some are oldies, but still goodies.

Stupid – Kacey Musgraves

Me and Your Cigarettes – Miranda Lambert

Virginia Bluebell – Miranda Lambert

Fuzzy – Randy Rogers Band

Trouble – Randy Rogers Band

Livin’ Part of Life – Eric Church

We Were Us –  Keith Urban duet with Miranda Lambert

Anything on the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Pandora Station

I’m also looking quite forward to Dierks Bentley’s new album, Riser, set to release this Fall.

Do you have any songs or albums that are weekly regulars on your playlist? If so, I’d love to hear them! Country, pop, rap, whatever, I like it all and would love for you to share in the comments below. I’m going to sign off for now, but will be back soon to share my new 2013 Christmas Collection!

Have a great Saturday y’all,


Holly Williams photo credit: