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What Was On My Playlist This Week? Eric Church

Feb 10, 2014


On Monday morning of this past week I saw a post from Eric Church’s facebook page. It said his new album, The Outsiders (which I have been patiently waiting for) would be streaming all week long on NPR Music. I immediately clicked the provided link and started listening. At the end of the day Monday, I thought to myself, “Other than ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’ I kinda don’t like many of these songs.” I knew I needed to let Church’s new sound digest on me a little. I was having a hard time adjusting to the artist who’s sound and style I had grown to love over the past several years.

Over the course of the week, I found myself falling in love with these 12 new tracks. Church touches on everything from wanting wild sex with his wife in “Like a Wrecking Ball” to his true definition of what it means to be Rock and Roll in, “That’s Damn Rock & Roll.” Now, I’m no music scholar and I don’t always know what the correct terminology is to describe certain parts of a song, BUT what I do know is a good song when I hear it and I believe Church’s definitely got some #1s on this record. There’s something about his music that speaks to me (yes, I know that sounds corny, but it does). He’s so real, full of grit and has such a talent for writing nostalgic stories and y’all know I’m all about some nostalgia. 

There’s a line in “That’s Damn Rock and Roll” that stuck with me, “It ain’t about the money you make when a record gets sold, it’s about doing it for nothing because it lives in your soul.” I think all fellow artists and designers can relate to this. Being creative and having the desire to share with the world your talents is priceless. It lives in your soul to be creative. Whether it’s writing music, writing a hit hollywood film story or designing stationery. It’s not about all the money you make, but the fact that creating something from nothing truly, whole heartedly lives in you soul. You eat, sleep, and breathe the need to create. I’m quickly reminded of Lindsey Letter’s Creativity Print that heavily relates to this need.

Overall, The Outsiders has a new sound to it. There are some slow ballads on here and I feel like Church does a little more “talking” than really belting out his vocal chords for the majority. I like that he has once again reinvented himself while staying true to his country and rock and roll roots. I can’t wait to see what his next single release will be and of course watch to see how the country music audience reacts to his new sound.

My top favorite picks from The Outsiders are “Give Me Back My Hometown”

and Broke Record.”

The Outsiders will be released this Tuesday, February 11th. If you’re wanting more about Church’s thoughts on his 4th album, check out this very recent article from Rolling Stones Magazine.

Y’all have a great week!


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