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A Sunday Afternoon with the Tennessee Hills and Eric Church

Nov 10, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I had 2.5 hours of total bliss driving back to Lebanon from Knoxville. If you’ve ever made that drive, you know it’s beautiful and in the Fall, well, it’s God’s Country. The sky was cloudy, the air was a perfect Fall crisp and best of all, I was listening to Eric Church’s new album, Mr. Misunderstood, over and over… and uninterrupted.

My car was loaded down and I was pretty tired. I wanted to remember that moment. That short 2.5 hours of bliss. This is what happiness looks like.


I don’t get too personal on my blog, but tonight I just feel the need to.

I’m extremely tired lately. I am in the middle of doing a “booth show tour” as I sometimes call it. If there was a craft show, holiday show or event within a 4 hour drive of home this 4th quarter, I signed up for it. If I haven’t been packing inventory for my next show, I’ve been designing for freelance clients. I must say, I’ve been blessed lately with some great clients and wonderful projects.

I have been exhibiting at local craft and holiday shows with Southern Fried since 2012. Many times I am setting up and tearing down by myself. The shows are long hours and can be quite exhausting. Sometimes the show is a gamble. You pray for good weather for the shows that are outdoors. You pray people will come. You pray you sell enough to make your booth cost back and then some. There are a lot of factors to a show’s success.

It’s funny how God answers your prayers. About 3 years ago when I started doing these shows, I would find myself driving home after each show, absolutely exhausted, sweaty and feeling gross, praying that I could do this ALL. THE. TIME.

I was in LOVE with exhibiting with Southern Fried.

Fast forward to this Fall and I am doing 11 shows (!!!) almost back-to-back every weekend. And yes, I’m tired right now and behind on freelance work but my heart is grateful.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. As a creative person, having people buy your artwork is SO incredibly fulfilling. The fact, that folks are spending their hard earned money on my hard work, it’s such a blessing and gift. I am beyond grateful for every purchase and compliment. Every purchase counts to me. Every purchase.

So in the midst of this super busy season of mine, I found 2.5 hours yesterday where I could forget the world. Forget how much work was waiting for me at home. Forget that the show I just exhibited at this weekend was one of the least profitable shows I’ve ever done. Forget that most of my friends my age are getting married and having kids. Forget my never-ending to-do list that most of the time is too overwhelming. And to try and block out the pain from two massive knots that have formed in both my shoulders. Hello stress.

Is it weird that sometimes a season of answered prayer can also be a season of heavy stress?

I’m combining this post with my usual “What Was On My Playlist This Week” post. As mentioned, I’m highlighting Eric Church’s recent album. Eric in his true unique fashion, did a surprise release that no one saw coming. He mailed digital and vinyl copies to all the members of his Church Choir announcing the new album. Way cool Eric. Way cool. I think it’s time I sign up to be in your choir. Honestly, I’m surprised I’m not already in it.

Mr. Misunderstood is a great follow up to The Outsiders. I can see a heavy resemblance in the sound of both albums. It’s like Eric took the sound and tone of “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young” and created 10 new tracks from it. Eric’s clever play on words songwriting is still present along with his recognizable bad boy attitude. I was quite shock to find myself tearing up over his last ballad, “Three Year Old.” Maybe it’s because my nephew just turned 3 and I can relate to much of this song. It’s beautifully written and captures the innocence of a child so well.

My top picks from this album are, “Round Here Buzz”, “Record Year” and “Three Year Old.” I couldn’t pick just one.


I snapped that shot yesterday while on the road.

Thanks Eric for helping make my Sunday afternoon one of the best I’ve had in a while. I am having a good “Record Year.”

If you’re wondering where I’ll be next, check out my previous post here. I’ve listed all my holiday shows there. I may be adding one more in December, so follow me along on my instagram. I’ll post updates there.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Thank you for letting me share my passion with you.

Good night y’all.